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How to rip Spotify music to your computer hard disk

If you are looking for a Spotify ripper program and how to use it then you are in the right place. There are several programs that could rip Spotify songs on your personal computer. Here, I would highly recommend Streaming music recorder as a Spotify ripping tool. This program can easy to rip Spotify songs to the PC Harddisk and save Spotify as .mp3 Music format for playing on portable music players such as iPod, Zune, Sony Walkman to enjoy music wherever you want.

Donwload Spotify ripper here Download Streaming recorder for Windows If you are a Mac user, get Mac version here

What Spotify is and how it works?

Spotify is a new and great streaming music media player that you could enjoy unlimited tracks from all of your favorite music artists without any cost. It's accessible in 2 versions, cost-free or premium (subscribe at 9usd/month). The non-charge version will allow you to enjoy to music totally free, but it is with advertising that you will hear between every number of songs. The premium one is the membership based a monthly rate. You can enjoy to music without any advertising as well as in better music quality.

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video guide to use this tool for ripping Spotify music

That's all. On the way of ripping music from Spotify. With this Spotify ripper, you can now enjoy free Spotify music on your iPod or other music players.

Is Spotify ripping legal?
Well, That's a gray area it legitimate to capture from radio and it could be said that Spotify is a type of online radio. It could avoid Spotify's end user deal. So don't share any Spotify ripping songs, only using it for your own.

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Download it here For Mac user, get Mac version here