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How to remove DRM from iTunes and free your iTunes files

Apple iTunes 10.2 was released today, and it brings us a lot of excites, for example,home sharing - allow you to enjoy bought tracks throughout your home network.

Remove DRM from iTunes 10

There's a plenty discussion going on regarding digital rights management (DRM) technologies. DRM is the Apple company utilizes on video in Apple iTunes Store to limit who can use the tracks. DRM will help avoid videos piracy, but it also restricts the way you play your own music.

There are 2 methods to remove DRM from iTunes which will help you to enjoy your own media files freely.

1. Burn iTunes tracks to CD then convert CD to mp3 files

It is possible to burn your bought iTunes songs to a CD, then transfer the tracks directly into your iTunes library, therefore, creating FairPlay-free files. The problem is that you simply get reprocessing songs that are previously been dealt with for compression that will certainly harm your sound quality.


2. Use a DRM Removal software tool

It could record iTunes DRM music through your sound card while the music is playing, hence the output quality can be just like the original song. Plus, it can remove DRM protection from iTunes video files.

Step-by-step guide of DRM converter

Get Aimersoft DRM Converter and install it. The whole DRM convessrsion will takes just three easy steps.

Download dvd to iphone converter Download iTunes DRM Converter here.


If you are a Mac user, get Mac version here


DRM Converter

Step one. Start DRM Converter, load you music files by clicking on 'add video' button, normally you may locate your iTunes music through C:\My Documents\My music\iTunes (default directory). You may add individual file or a number of files.

Step two. Preview chosen files on preview area simply clicking on play button in the software. You have several choices for your output file formats. I recommend you choose MP3 for audio, MP4 for video clip and Television shows. After that select output folder (which should be easy to remember).

Step three. Finally, just click 'Start' button. This DRM Converter will get rid of DRM protection from iTunes 9 & 10 completely.

Hints: This DRM Converter can also be a great Video Converter, when you got any video files that is not suitable for iTunes 9, iPod, iPhone, you may also use it to convert video to any formats you need.