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How to transfer music from iTunes to Windows Media Player

Many MAC users want to find out how to transfer music from iTunes to Windows Media Player (WMP) but don't understand how to do it. This guide will show you the right way to do it.

How to transfer music from iTunes to Windows Meida Player
Well, That's depends. If it is from a sharing application (P2P) like the Limewire, you right click on the music, properties, and click Windows Media Player. Just start up Windows Media Player. Press on the Library tab then Add to Library. Your files should be with your personal folder, click OK. That will Put your music file to Windows Media Player.

If you bought music or TV shows from the Apple iTunes store, you can't convert songs or videos to another file format. It's encoded with DRM technology. You need a computer program to get rid of DRM protection from iTunes songs and then convert to WAV, or MP3 in order to play on Windows Media Player or other portable players such as Zune, Walkman.

There are 2 methods to Remove DRM from iTunes:

1. Burn iTunes music to CD.

You may burn your ordered iTunes tracks to a CD, and then transfer music and songs directly into your iTunes library, thereby creating FairPlay-free files. The problem is you get reprocessing tracks that are previously been dealt with for compression, and this will hurt your sound quality.

2. Remove iTunes DRM protection with DRM Removing software

It will record iTunes DRM music via sound card while the song is playing, so the output quality to become just like the original song.


DRM Converter

Step-by-step guide
Download DRM converter and install it. An entire DRM conversion will takes just three easy steps.


Download dvd to iphone converter Download iTunes DRM Converter here. If you are a Mac user, get Mac version here

Step one. Run DRM Converter, import you music files by simply clicking 'add video' button, normally you could find out your iTunes songs through C:\My Documents\My music\iTunes (default directory). You can add one file or a number of files.

Step two. Preview picked files on preview area just clicking the play button in the software. You have several choices for your output file formats. I suggest you pick MP3 for music, MP4 for video and Shows. Then choose output folder (which should be easy to remember).

Step three. Finally, just hit 'Start' button. This DRM Converter will strip off DRM protection from iTunes 9 & 10 flawlessly.

Tips: This DRM Converter can also be a professional Video Converter. You may use it to convert video to any formats you want (both protected/unprotected files).

That it, after you free your iTunes music you can transfer it to Windows Media Player. The tip of how to transfer music from iTunes to Windows Media Player only takes 3 simple steps. No advanced PC skills are required.

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